About Us

Carey Kinsolving is an experienced public speaker, syndicated newspaper columnist, author, and producer. Many of Kinsolving’s feature articles have appeared in The Washington Post and other major newspapers via news services such as The New York Times News Service, Cox, Hearst and Donrey. His subjects have ranged from profiles of well-known figures such as Elizabeth Dole, Jimmy Carter, George Gallup Jr. and the late Tom Landry to journey-of-faith stories of everyday Americans. Kinsolving was the first student in the history of the prestigious University of Missouri School of Journalism Washington Reporting Program to be published in The Washington Post with a byline.
Kinsolving’s weekly column, Kids Talk About God™, is distributed to newspapers by Creators Syndicate, to websites by Uclick and to individuals by complimentary email subscription at www.KidsTalkAboutGod.org (a website also founded by Kinsolving). The column is unique in that it combines the humor and insights of children with a strong biblical emphasis in a question-and-answer format. The Kids Talk About God™ gift book features children’s quotes from Kinsolving’s column and original children’s art. The publisher, J. Countryman, is the nation’s largest inspirational gift book publisher. Under a sublicense, Hallmark reprinted and distributed the book in its Gold Crown stores.
Kinsolving spent years building his KidsTalkAboutGod.org website. Gems such as the 60 Kid TV Interviews, an online art gallery of printable, biblical art done by children, an online, printable, activity book called the Kids Color Me Bible, Kinsolving’s own Mission Explorers video series and a talking version of his Kids Talk About God gift book, were soon adding depth and great appeal to the site.
After completing all the major projects for KidsTalkAboutGod.org, Kinsolving turned his attention to re-shaping his successful Journey-of-Faith Writing Workshop into something that would also help writers tap into the power of the Internet. Part of that vision was to provide a place for Christian writers, both professional and amateur, to immediately publish their own life-changing stories. He also wanted to provide them tools for driving traffic to the web pages with their stories. The result is FaithProfiles.org.
Kinsolving and his staff are eager to help pastors and churches enable their people to reach out and even evangelize with the tools offered at FaithProfiles.org. A Christian writer with a ready-to-publish personal testimony can get his/her own Life Web Page on the Faith Profiles website, along with a custom URL for easy sharing. This URL can also be placed on special business cards known as Life Business Cards for a way to quickly share a Life Web Page by handing them out while on-the-go.
The Journey-of-Faith Writing Workshop feeds into this by giving practical instruction on how to write a succinct and compelling personal testimony. It also provides insights for how to optimize one’s story for maximum traffic through search engines. One of the most exciting things about this is that an individual’s personal story could potentially be ministering to strangers all over the world, 24 hours a day! The new and improved Journey-of-Faith Writing Workshop is now available to churches through FaithProfiles.org.
Kinsolving is a popular speaker among adults, students and children. His speeches before Rotary, Lions and Kiwanis Clubs have received standing ovations. His writing workshops have received high marks from Christian students at Yale University, Harvard University, the University of North Carolina and adults in various churches. His Journey-of-Faith Writing Workshop empowers both the bold and the bashful to write and speak their testimonies.
Kinsolving holds master’s degrees from the University of Missouri School of Journalism and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. A native of McAllen, Texas, he currently lives in South Texas with his lovely wife Lisa.